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How to avoid contracting public toilet infection

Are you always afraid of using public toilet because of toilet infection? Be rest assured that you are not alone. Many, especially women are.

Except it is a chronic diarrhoea, many would never opt to use a public toilet. They would rather look for a nearby bush to easy off. People in this category can only use it if is only to urinate and nothing more. This is not even easy for them at times. Oh yes, they would not want to get infection just because they want to answer the call of nature. Easying off to become diseased later doesn't add up.

Are you among them? Then this article would be helpful. It would guide you on how to use public toilet without becoming infected there.

Now, how should a public toilet be used to avoid getting infection from it? Actually, it's possible to still come down with infection, depending on the state of your body defence mechanism, even after observing all the measures we are to enlist. The chances, however, would be reduced, nearly to zero, if you do any of these:

1. Flush the toilet before use

Water in toilet bowl is the primary source of toilet infection. Depending on where ( that is the place you are), which determines availability of water, some water could be clean and sparkling, while some could be turbid and dirty but the appearance doesn't determine much. Although, turbid and dirty water are near to sure source of toilet infection as colonies of microorganisms make water change colour. Flushing of toilet before use would therefore be a great step towards prevention of toilet infection. Whether the water is clean or not, flush it. But if it is dirty and turbid, ensure that is become clean and clear before using it. If it demands external source of water, use bucket and fetch one and flush it thoroughly.

2. In situations where enough water is not available and it is a must you use the toilet, maybe as a result of diarrhoea, you could use tissue paper (loads of it) to cover the water. This is to prevent the water in the bowl from splatting on to your body.

3. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet

Washing your hands with soap and water after using the toilet prevents a lot. It is better washed under running water. This practice reduces the germ load to a point where no infection would result. This prevents diseases such as bacterial gastroenteritis among others.

4. When you are out of the toilet, use hand sanitizer

Loads of infectious microorganisms harbour in sink, faucet handle, towel dispenser and public toilet door handle. After washing your hands, it is still possible, if not a must, that you would pick infectious organism from either towel dispenser, faucet handle, or door handle. Using hand sanitizer when you come out of the toilet would, therefore prevent you from carrying pathogenic microorganisms about.

5. After using the toilet, ensure you leave it clean by flushing it thoroughly

This act would make the next user not to be at high risk of getting infected. Be clean for it saves a lot.

6.  Ensure that toilet seat is clean and possibly dry before use

Infection rarely occurs through toilet seat but the chances are not totally ruled out, especially if you have a skin cut. Skin rashes and itching can be gotten by using dirty and wet seat. So, to avoid this, clean it if it's dirty before use.

7. Preach hygiene

Boys need this majorly. They are those who normally mess up toilets without even being bothered. They urinate without flushing it. To most of them, urine is liquid and should not be flushed as a result. Maybe they don't know that it makes toilets smell bad. Preaching hygiene and the act of keeping toilets clean, even public ones, could reduce the risk at which infection is being spread through toilets.

8. In cases where there is no water, do not use the toilet because your using it will leave it in a dirty state.

Be clean and preach cleanness.

Natural ways to treat sleeplessness called insomnia

This article will focus on natural sleeping pills alternative but we would like to raise some questions before proceeding.

So the questions are:

Are you having difficulty falling asleep? That's to say you probably have insomnia?

Do you always wake up in the middle of the night and that will be all for sleep that night?

What do you do to arrest this situation -- taking of sleeping pill?

Can it help you forever?

We have to raise those questions as their answers would be of help.

Now, let's look into them one after the other.

By default or most often, once you complain to any doctor that you have difficulty falling asleep or that you don't get sound sleep anymore, the first action he will take is to place you on sleeping pill. Yeah, sleeping pill will help you sleep off early. After taking them, the next thing is sleep and some would even make you sleep for a long period of time without waking up in the middle of the night  to be awake through the night till day breaks.

Sleeping pills actually help in case of insomnia or sleeping problems. But even at this, we need to ask ourselves this question: "do they help forever"? Are they solution to insomnia? Well, if they are not, maybe natural sleeping pills alternative would be. Let's continue to determine that.

Truth be told, sleeping pills fail as day go by. If you are started on a tablet of it initially and it's very effective, after like a week or so, you might be needing two to three tablets to still get results as one tablet wouldn't be enough at this period. When this time reaches, after taking a tablet of sleeping pill, it would be as if you took nothing. Worse of it is that a time might  even reach when the highest medically acceptable dose can no longer make you sleep at all. So, sleeping pills is not answer to sleeping problems or insomnia as they don't help forever. In fact, they fail in matter of weeks. Are we now doomed? Not at all. There's still hope.

What's the hope?

It's what you know. It's probably what you neglect. Maybe, it's something that's making you neglect it anyway. You're always busy, so there is no time to exercise. Yes, exercise is the hope. Engaging in aerobic exercise in the evening or 2 hours before bed time everyday would greatly help you sleep like a baby. What we mean by aerobic exercise is physical activities like:

brisk walking,




bicycle riding including stationary ones,




running etc.

Engaging in any of these 15 to 30 minutes daily would not only help:

lower your blood pressure,

make you shed weight,

control your sugar level,

lower your blood cholesterol to normal  but would also help you have a sound sleep. The main thing it does actually is that it gives you quality sleep. Of course, quantity and quality are two different things.

Is ozikspharma just making an assumption?

To answer this, we would like to refer you to British Journal of Sports Medicine and Science Direct. There are research works on effects of exercise on sleep there.

Having known this-- that sleeping pills fail over time, does it mean you should reject sleeping pill when your doctor prescribes it for you for?

We never said that. You are not to. All we are trying to make you understand is that it's not an answer to your sleeping disorder. They fail over time. Aerobic exercise doesn't. So, try and create time for exercise to enjoy quality life.

Apart from engaging in aerobic exercise, you need to avoid some certain things like taking of coffee or coffee containing products like energy drinks in the evening or later in the night. Alcohol has a way of affecting quality of sleep; so avoid it if possible especially late in the night. It's not even healthy for consumption. Kolanut, cigarette smoking and all stimulants should be avoided especially as you approach your bed time.

Sleep refreshes, endeavour to get enough of it daily no matter what.

Safe sex practices and its importance

By safe sex, we mean any sexual act that is not causal. Of course, causal sex is that which puts us at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. To the married, this may not apply always except when one of the partners is having an STI.

To engage in safe sex means to consistently and correctly use condom whenever you want to have sex. Remember, this is not applicable, as earlier said, to the married (who are faithful anyway).

Now, the reasons to join team safe sex are:

1. Safe sex prevents us from contracting STIs including HIV

STIs including HIV is a burden to the world health system. This burden is man made; by those who preferred unsafe sex to a safe one.

If asked, they would tell you they needed to drive maximum pleasure.

I don't really believe there is no maximum pleasure from sex when condom is used. If asked, I would even say that it is only with condom that the unmarried can truly drive pleasure from sex.

I wish to leave this question with you: "would you want to add to this health burden plaguing the world probably because you want to drive maximum pleasure"?

Why not be among those try to take away the plague instead? Even if you don't want to join in those fighting the battle, don't be a contributor.

To do this, play safe always.

2. It prevents unwanted pregnancy

Any pregnancy which is not planned is termed unwanted by some people. Although, some other people frown at the word "unwanted". Which category you belong, just know that safe sex prevents us from either of them (unwanted or unplanned).

3. It saves us the troubles of infertility

In medical practice, most recorded infertility are linked to STIs. It is obvious that STIs result due to unsafe sex. These, when not treated or when poorly treated lead to infertility. This is seen in both genders (male and female).

Unfortunately, most STIs are becoming resistance to common antibiotics available. This means that unless everyone adopts safe sex practice, the rate of infertility will keep on increasing even exponentially.

Correct and consistent condom use wouldn't give room for STI. If true, there will not be infertility as a result of STI if all and sundry embrace its usage. Please let's accept safe sex unless you belong to team abstinence. Of course it's the only method with accuracy of 100% in preventing STIs, and pregnancy.

4. It enables us have rest of mind

One day, a friend called me. He wasn't at easy which I sensed from his tone. "Guy what is the trouble"? I enquired. "Please what do I do? I'm not sure if I'm free". "Free from what, I asked him"?

He went further to say he had unsafe sex with a lady he didn't trust. Guess what, he wasn't afraid if he had made the girl pregnant nor whether he had got other STIs. His only fear was HIV. To him, other STIs and pregnancy can be taken care of but not HIV.

So, he called to know if something could be done before infection occurs.

Like that my friend, anyone who engages in an unprotected sex stops sleeping for awhile. This state of unrestfulness can be avoided just by engaging in a safe sex. Condom use guarantees this.

5. It saves us time and money

Safe sex saves us time. It is also saves us money. When you get down with STIs just because you needed to skin dive a baby, you will not only spend money in seeking treatment but also your precious time.

Time they say is money. So, you will be more useful to yourself and probably the society if you convert the time, energy and money you will use to seek treatment into something useful.

How can you do this? It's by subscribing to safe sex ideology. It pays.

I just want to assume that everyone gets cure after STI treatment, although, I know this is not true. Most STIs defer drug therapy especially resistant strains. Other factors can contribute to you not getting cure of an STI. This is not what we are discussing here but I just need you to have this at the back of mind.

I have seen people leaving with treatable infections for years. Some like 2 years or more. Most of them are already hopeless. The reason for the resistance to treatment might have been caused by them anyway.

The summary is that safe sex could have prevented them from those troubles. Save your time and money by playing save.

6. It takes away the inconvenience inherent in HIV treatment

Everyone knows that HIV treatment is free. Thanks to the American people and their president including other philanthropists.

But is the free treatment the solution to HIV infection?

Not at all.

Assessing HIV treatment is not easy at all. In case you don't know, hospital waiting time is hell. To get you drugs, you will need to spend like hours in the hospital because you will be required to move from one desk to another. You see a doctor, you see a counselor and several other personnel before you finally take your drugs from the pharmacist. For your information, this cycle is not enjoyable. The annoying thing, which you may need to know is that it is for a lifetime.

You can save yourself this trouble.

Now, when you finally get the drugs comes another challenge. You will need to take them everyday if you must benefit from them. Every single day that passes.

Even as a pharmacist, I hardly finish my malaria drug without missing a dose. This is just for 3 days and it still gives me trouble sticking to the dosing.

Now, imagine what those leaving with HIV pass through. Taking of their drugs every single day. Sincerely speaking, it's not easy

You can actually save yourself this by playing safe.

7. It prevents girls from dropping out of school

To a girl child, teach her abstinence. These are people who are less than 18 years of age.

When safe sex is practised by all, no girl would get unplanned pregnancy. When this is prevented, no girl will drop out of school except for other reasons.

8. It denies us the bitterness of abortion complications

Abortion is not the best option.

Its complications can therefore be avoided by practicing safe sex.

Practice safe sex and preach it.

Monkeypox: what you should know about it

Monkeypox is a viral disease. That is, it is caused by a virus. It is not deadly as people think. Although, it can be discomforting because of its signs and symptoms. It can even go on its own without any treatment.

How to know who is infected

When the signs and symptoms of it are seen on an individual, then the persons is likely infected.

The signs and symptoms of monkeypox include:


severe headache

swelling of lymph node

back pain


muscle pain

rashes - this often occur after fever that it presents with.

How to treat it

It has no treatment yet but when it's symptoms are managed, the victim gets better. Basically, the fever, headache and pain it does come with are managed with pain killer. The person is also place on intravenous fluids. This is or should be done in a hospital to curtail the spread.

How it can be contracted

People can get infected through direct contact with the blood, body fluids, or lesions/wounds of infected animals such as monkeys, squirrels etc. When one eats meat of an infected animal, the person will still get it if the meat is not properly cooked.

The rate of getting it from human is low compared to that of animal. However, being in close contact with an infected person can make you get it. This will be basically through droplets from the person's nose (respiratory tract) as he or she breathes out. Nevertheless, coming in contact with an infected person's wounds or lesions, blood or any of his/her body fluids or secretions will likely transmit the virus to you. Also, using the same bed, wearing the same cloths or handling an object that has come in contact with body fluids of an infected person will give you monkeypox.

When will I become sick after being exposed to the virus?

After coming in contact with a contaminated object or material or with an infected person or animal or better put, when you contract the virus, it can take up to 21 days before you will become sick. Although, some people come down with the sickness 5 days after getting the virus through an infected person, object or animal.

Who is most affected?

The severity of monkeypox on people is dependent on many factors. It is often more severe among children. Relatively, more death are recorded among them as most adults survive it with or without treatment. This does not mean that it is fatal. Not at all. It goes on its own even in the absence of treatment after like 2 to 3 weeks of developing it. People who have low or compromised immunity also have it severe on them. Another group of people who have severe monkeypox infection are those who are highly exposed to virus.

How can I protect myself from getting it?

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water especially after visiting or caring for infected persons.

Avoid too many or unnecessary handshakes especially in an area with confirmed incidence.

Where regular hand washing is not possible, always use your hand sanitizer.

Report any suspected cases to the local disease control department

Of course it should be the duty of hospital to quarantine the infected and exposed persons.

Create awareness about monkeypox to people around you

3 Reasons it's bad to stop productive cough with drug 

Cough is not just cough. It can either be dry or productive. When we say that it's productive, it means that you can cough out something (mucus or sputum).

Cough is good for the body if it is productive and it should not be stopped. We don't mean you should go begging for it to come. What we are trying to say is that it comes to help our body when there's an impending danger.

Productive cough is usually a reaction to a foreign body or irritant in the respiratory system. For instance, in a dusty environment, enough dust will unavoidably enter into our respiratory tract. The dust will, most often carry along bacteria, fungi or virus with it. In other for the body to get rid of these alongside the dust, mucus production will ensure. Depending on where the foreign bodies ended in the respiratory tract, productive cough will be triggered to enable our body remove those substances.

Now, do you think it's good to stop the triggered cough? Of course the answer is no. More reasons it shouldn't be stopped include:

1. Stopping it is an act against body defence mechanism

The body has several ways through which it naturally protects itself. One of the ways is through triggering of productive cough. If the body succeeds in doing this, its effort can be abolished with drug called anti-tussive or generally known as cough syrup. When this happens, the self-defence the body is trying to achieve is compromised and the body can therefore be overtaken by infection. That's to say, it's very bad to stop productive cough with drug.

2. Stopping it would make the mucus, which could be carrying infective microorganisms, be retained in the respiratory system

Retention of mucus in the respiratory tract is not good. Whether the mucus has infective microorganisms or not, it should be allowed to be coughed out. Allowing mucus be retained in the respiratory tract through cough stoppage will compromise the integrity of our health as it will make us come down with bacterial, viral, or fungal infection which might be entrapped in the retained mucus.

3. It will bring about respiratory tract infection

When we breath in microorganism that causes infection, infection doesn't automatically occur. The body fights it. One of the ways it does this, as we said earlier, is through triggering of productive cough. When this happens and we stop it with drug, the microorganism will then cause infection in us called respiratory tract infection or lung infection. When this happens, we will be needing antibiotics which relatively cost much.

Productive cough shouldn't be stopped. Allow it for it comes only to protect your respiratory system.

Note: if the sputum is blood stained or has lasted more than 7 days, seek medical help immediately.

Please help us share this article to get others informed. We appreciate comments and entertain questions.

Natural ways to treat diabetes

By best lifestyle approaches for diabetes management, we mean natural ways or way to treat diabetes.

I wish to start by asking these important questions:

Is there a special diet (called diabetics diet) for the diabetics?

If yes, does the diet improve the quality of life of the diabetics?

This article will give answers to those questions raised above. Reading it will be of utmost important especially to the diabetics, those who have family history of the disease, the overweight/obese people and to the diabetics caregivers. The overweight and obese people are emphasized because they are at high risk of coming down with diabetes.

To start with, diabetes does not have a special diet for its management, although some people do sell what they call diabetic diet for sole purpose of self-enrichment. The diabetics however does not need special diet. What they need is a lifestyle modification just like every other person especially those who are at risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Diabetes is a very serious complex disease state whereby the sugar from the food gets dumped in the blood. This means that the sugar level in the blood will become abnormally high. The diabetics feel hungry and tired always even immediately after eating. This is because the sugar from their food remains in the blood, inaccessible to the body cells, tissues and the brain for energy production.

Having answered the first question, let's look into the second one which asked if the diabetic diet improved the quality of life of the diabetics. From the of the first question, we were made to understand that there is no special diet for the diabetics, so what is marketed as diabetic diet does not in any way improve the quality of life of the diabetics. what does is a special lifestyle modification that is research based. The research was a systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled feeding trials involving the major macro-nutrients: fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and carbohydrate.

The research showed that the diabetics benefited more when they depended on food high in polyunsaturated fat as their major source of energy. it equally showed that polyunsaturated fat improved blood sugar control in the diabetics. Polyunsaturated fat was also shown to improve insulin secretion capability and insulin sensitivity.

Apart from the benefits polyunsaturated fat gives to the diabetics, it also helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This property of polyunsaturated fat lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke in people. polyunsaturated fat generally is good for health and heart.

Interestingly, sources of polyunsaturated fat are common and very affordable too. They include avocado, vegetable oil and spread, nuts, fish, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, seeds such as walnuts, sunflower seed, tofu seed, soybean seed, etc.

In summary, the diabetics would benefit optimally with low chances of having diabetes complications if they:

avoid too much sugar (carbohydrates) in their diet. processed sugar should be totally removed from their menu. This would drastically reduce the episodes of frequent increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia) they experience.

avoid saturated fat entirely. Saturated fat does not only worsen the case of diabetes but also leads to hearts diseases and stroke. Diabetes alone is not good but when it is combined with heart diseases, it becomes worse.

make polyunsaturated fat about 45-65 percent of their food composition, protein can contribute to about 10-35 percent. water, vitamins and minerals should not be neglected. They should be part of their meal as they are very essential for their healthy living.

quit smoking for those who smoke

stop drinking alcohol for those who drink. smoking and alcohol consumption are risk factors for diabetes

eat fruits and vegetable often especially those that are rich in polyunsaturated fat

avoid the so-called diabetic diet. Diabetic diet has not been shown to be of any benefit to the diabetes. In fact, it makes the diabetics suffer more. This is because when they are placed on diabetic diet, they feel safe and covered, not knowing that their blood sugar level is still rising on a daily basis.

Diabetes is not a major health challenge when it is well managed. However, it becomes a major health challenge when it is mismanaged or left untreated. Education is the key to achieving a downturn in the diabetes prevalence rate and complications. Never use this article as a substitute for a medical advice. Please note that this approach should not replace your drugs. Keep taking your drugs expect your healthcare provider says otherwise, albeit your sugar level will natural drop if you abide by this approach.

As you are now informed, inform others. You can start it by sharing this article with your loved ones.

5 reasons your weight loss plan isn't working

Solution to a problem lies in knowing what the problem is. Having knowledge of the reasons some weight loss plans fail will be of important in addressing it. Of course weight loss plans are many, one's plan is determined by his or her target. People who have normal body weight are not expected to have the same plan as those who are overweight. Those who have normal body weight are expected to choose a plan that would just be necessary to keep fit and maintain their body weight. Those who are overweight might not have a similar plan with those who are obese already. At obesity, radical weight loss plan is advocated but not one that its risk outweighs the desired benefits. Whichever category you belong to: whether you're normal, overweight or obese, following 9 amazing weight loss tips will give you an expected result in a short while.

You are probably reading this because your weight loss plan is not working out as expected. If this is true, then continue, as the possible reasons will be enlisted and explained. I believe strongly that the first step to solving a problem lies with knowing the problem itself. At the end, you should be able to learn one or two things. We are not going to repeat how you can loss weight in a matter of days as it has been discussed here. If you sincerely followed the plan religiously, there would be no way you would not have achieved the desired goal.

Let us now look at the possible reasons your plan is failing.

1. After exercising, you consume more calories than the amount burnt in the course of the exercise.

This can be likened to a man who was determined to transfer every drop of water from a water filled drum into an empty water reservoir. The drum was under a water tap which was left open. The man was using a big bucket in transferring the water into the reservoir covering some distance to achieve that. The first scoop the man made reduced the water very well that he assumed that the next he returned, the whole water in the drum would be emptied. Of course you can guess what happened when he came back. The drum was already over flowing. That Continued like that until he discovered the problem. Immediately the tap was closed, he was able to transfer the whole water. Now, put yourself in that man’s position, after exercising do you like the man, allow the tap to remain open so that the little weight you lose (not noticeable immediately) will be replaced to an extent that there might be an over flow even (obesity). Some people believe with soft drink production companies that meals are best enjoyed with soft and carbonated drinks and the likes. Taking those soft and carbonated drinks with meal is like leaving the tap open. Eating heavily after exercise is still like leaving the tap open. Eating heavy meal late in the night is still like leave the tap open. Junking is like leaving the tap open. Junks include ice cream, biscuits, cheese, chocolate, hamburger, cake, crisp, bacon, roast yam, plantain, potatoes and other fries to mention but a few (see the dangers of junk outside making one gain weight here). In weight loss plan, no result will be achieved if you leave the tap open no matter the measure you take. So, to achieve your desired result, ensure that all the taps that might rubbish your effort are closed.

2. You probably have an implant or you may be taking oral contraceptives

Contraceptives have weight gain as one of their side effects especially in combination agents with androgen like progestins. So, if you are having implant or you are taking oral contraceptives, it could be the reason or one of the reasons your weight loss plan is not working out. You might be wondering if you should now remove the implant or stop the contraceptive and expose yourself to unwanted pregnancies. That it not what we are saying. So long you feel that you need contraceptive, be more consistent in your weight loss plan. You will definitely lose weight if other reasons apart from this very one are taken care of.

3. In situations you might be getting everything right, some other drugs apart from contraceptives as discussed above can actually be a problem to your weight loss effort.

Every drug has its side effects (side effects are the undesired result you get from drugs). Some drugs have weight gain as part of their side effects. If you are in such drugs, you might be having challenges in losing weight. The drugs that have weight gain as part of their side effects include:



Types 2 antidiabetics E.g sulfonylureas

Steroids and hormones (for hormone replacement therapy)

Antiepileptics especially valproic acid and

Antihypertensives (Beta-blockers)

If you are on any of these drugs, endeavor to tighten your belt in your weight loss plan. Following strictly 9 amazing weight loss plans will be very helpful.

4. You drink alcohol regularly and probably excessively.

Alcohol has a high caloric content. Its consumption therefore leads to weight gain. Pot belly (protruded stomach) is a mark which men that drink beer excessively are known for. Weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption is more pronounced in women than men. Alcohol still leads to weight gain indirectly through several ways. One of these is that it stimulates metabolism and thus leads to over eating. It also inhibits the body from burning stored fat for energy as acetate is used instead. Acetate is what the liver converts alcohol to after consumption. Note that light or moderate alcohol consumption does not lead to weight gain, it is rather associated with lower body weight (Breslow and smothers, 2005). If you desire to lose weight and you drink excessively, it is high time you stopped. Drink responsibly; even breweries advice people to do so. A unit of alcohol is enough for a day.

5. It could be genetic.

Have you taken time to looked at your parents ? Are they overweight or obese? What of your siblings? If these people are either overweight or obese, then you should not expect to be lean or slender. Fatness could be genetic and in such situations, dieting or weight loss plan(s) would hardly yield the desired result. This does not mean that you should give up in trying to lose some weight. Never you try it, else you will be increasing your chances of aging early and also having different kinds of cardiovascular diseases. If fatness is in your gene, exercise always, shun sedentary lifestyle, eat healthy meal devoid of: junks, saturated fat and high salt content, avoid excessive sugary stuffs and observe 9 amazing weight loss tips.

Weight loss program should not be embarked upon for aesthetic reasons only, the over-weight and obese are at high risk of coming down with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular disease. They also feel the pain of arthritis more. Lose weight therefore to gain health.

Hypertension of the eyes and ways to manage it

Every part of the body has one thing or the other that troubles it from time to time. At times, other parts of the body do help in making the challenged part overcome its challenges through body defense mechanism. Some other times, the embattled part does succumb to the problem facing it. At this point, we say that the part in question is dead. If the eyes are the affected part, they are said to become blinded. In other scenario, the affected part might just become partially dysfunctional. The problem, in this context, that can either lead to death or dysfunction of any part of our body is called disease.

Hypertension is one of the diseases that kills humans and even does it silently. The eye also suffers hypertension as an entity. I know that you will be wondering what hypertension of the eye actually mean and how we can possibly say that it is present? The eyes are said to be hypertensive when the pressure inside the eyes called intraocular pressure is persistently high.

Actually there are no warning symptoms to show that the eyes are hypertensive. This disease condition can only be noticed early through regular eyes checks by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.

This disease condition is called glaucoma. Glaucoma is one the leading causes of blindness worldwide. Like hypertension, there are no warning symptoms in most cases of glaucoma until at its late stage, a point where optic nerve is damaged already. At this stage,blindness is inevitable. You should therefore cultivate the habit of engaging in regular eyes check more especially:

if you are 40 years and above

if your parents or any of your close relatives has or had glaucoma

if you are hypertensive

if you are diabetic

Through regular eyes check, you can escape blindness especially as a result of glaucoma. The beauty of the universe can only be appreciated if we have functional eyes. Avoid getting blind therefore by following the recommendations above.

15 ways to prevent asthma attacks

Prevention of asthma attack is not all about taking drugs. There are other things that when put in place, its attack will be reduced even near to zero.

This article is designed to reveal those.

Although, the ways to prevent asthma attack as contained in this article might not be new to you. They are probably what you know. The essence of reminding you again through this article is that you may start putting them into practice so that you may enjoy quality life. This is for the asthmatics anyways.

I believe that repetition most time makes things stick better into our subconscious mind.

So, let's get started.

15 ways to prevent asthma attacks :

1. To prevent asthma attack, always keep your room or house clean and free from dust.

Cobwebs should not be allowed in your house. This is because they trap dust and when there is a little breeze or when a fan, or an AC is put on, the trapped dust is released and this triggers an asthma attack in the asthmatics. Its prevention as a result of this can therefore be achieved by keeping your house clean and dust free.

2. The second way to prevent asthma attacks is by getting rid of dust mites from your house

Did I say "getting rid of dust mites "? To be frank, getting rid of dust mites is very difficulteven as difficult as the word difficult.

Dust mites are leaving organism that trigger asthma attack in the asthmatics. These organisms  cannot be seen by ordinary eyes. It's only with microscope that you can see them. Now, tell me how you can get rid of them. You might need to know that insecticide doesn't kill them. And it's virtually seen in every home. Both the homes of the rich and that of the poor.

To eliminate or reduce the dust mites, wash your clothes, bedspreads and lining with hot water from time to time. This helps a lot in reducing or eliminating them.

3. Don't use or spray insecticide where someone who has asthma is.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't use or spray your room if you are asthmatic or someone who is is leaving with you. Only do that when an asthmatic person is not around or in the place you intend spraying. Also, don't allow the person enter the room until after some hours - enough a time that the insecticide must have all settled and the windows of the place opened to allow for fresh air.

4. Don't use strong perfumes if you're asthmatic or in the presence of someone who is

Strong perfumes and even ordinary ones trigger asthma attack. It is therefore not good to be used by an asthmatic person or in the presence of people who are asthmatic.

5. If you are or leaving with someone who is asthmatic, don't use rug to cover your floor.

Tiles should be used instead.

6. Do not put your air conditioner (AC)  at extreme cold temperature.

Set it to be in a room temperature (25°C) and you are good to go.

7. Don't stay where people smoke cigarettes/tobacco

Tobacco smoke triggers asthma attack. Anyone who is asthmatic should not only avoid smoking but should equally stay away from area where people smoke.

It is better you stay away from every form of smoke anyway. This should include smoke from burning wood, grass, clothes etc.

8. Check if you are allergic to common foods and food ingredients that can cause allergic reactions; avoid them if you are asthmatic

Examples of these include:

Milk and milk products




Nuts including peanuts


Fish and shellfish

Food additives: sulphites and tartrazine.

Note, it's not all asthmatic persons who are allergic to the above listed foods and food ingredients. Even some people who are not asthmatic can be allergic to them, although this people are few.

Since some people are allergic to the above listed items, check if it is part of what triggers your attack. If any of them is among, be avoiding them to prevent attacks. If not, enjoy them.

9. Don't keep pet.

Pets such as cat, dog among others should not be kept where some who is asthmatic leaves.Pets furs trigger asthma attack. Doing away with Pets will therefore help in lowering the episodes of attacks even to zero.

10. Don't allow flowering plants or trees near your house.

Plant trees that don't flower if they exist in your area or don't plant at all. Pollen from flowers trigger attack. If you have flowering plants in your house, you must have noticed that episode of attacks increases dramatically during flowering periods.

The reason is Pollen from the flowers.

To reduce attack as a result of Pollen, ensure your room or room of someone who is asthmatic is always closed when plants are flowering. This is because, during this season, pollen in the air might be much to the extent that it would no longer matter if you have flowering plant in your compound or not.

11. Ensure that there is no cockroach in your house

Every body parts of cockroach, its saliva and its waste causes allergic reactions to some people especially those who are asthmatic. Dead cockroaches equally cause allergic reaction.

To prevent asthma attacks from cockroaches, their elimination is the only way. This can be done naturally by denying them of a place for inhabitation and food.

To do this, keep your food items in an airtight containers, and avoid any form of dirt or food debris in your house.

12. Limit your exercise and and avoid  stress if possible

13. Do not stay in a crowded place

In a crowded area, different odour that can trigger asthma attack emit. This could be from perfumes, or just body odour. Avoiding a crowded place will help you in no small measure.

14. Although not common, alcohol triggers attack in some asthmatic persons. If you are among them, stop drinking

15. To avoid asthma attacks, take your drugs as needed

Asthma drugs serve different functions. Some prevent attacks while some relief attacks. To prevent asthma attacks, always take your preventive drug.

Mandatory things you should know about your medications

For safety purposes, there are things you ought to know about any drugs you are to take. Among all the things that are essential you know, 8 seems to be a must and that's what this article will discuss. 

As a pharmacist, if you ask me what drugs are, I will simply tell you that they are poisons which deal with diseases at a therapeutic dose. That's what a man called paracelsus thought me and it's true. Drugs deal with diseases or sicknesses at small amount called therapeutic dose but deal with humans or whatever that took it at large amount (over dose). 

A little mistake in dosing of some drugs like digoxin can be very fatal, although that is if it's over dosed. Under dosing of drugs is still not good especially antibiotics.

Because drugs are poisons, before you take any, whether as injection, cream, or orally, there are things you should know about the drug(s). You may not appreciate this until you begin to misbehave after taking a drug you bought from a pharmacy and you are rushed to a hospital or a nearby clinic. It is at this point that you would believe the saying that knowledge is power.

Now, before you leave with any drug from any pharmacy, or before you receive any drug (injection) from a doctor or a nurse, ensure to do these things below. Never mind the doctor's, pharmacists's or nurse's arrogance, those who know their onions would not hesitate to tell you.

1. Ask of the name of the drug especially if it's out of its container (counting drugs)

Knowing the name of anything you're buying including drugs is your right. Even if it's prescription drugs, the doctor is meant to tell you the name(s) of the drug(s) while the pharmacist is to tell you the name(s) of the same while dispensing them. When they didn't remember to do so, remind them. If they refuse or try to conceal the name- don't accept it; it could be disastrous if you do so.

Do you know why?

If you begin to react to the drug(s) and you are rushed to a hospital, even with the drug(s) out of its container(s), it might be very difficult to identify. If guess work is used, the necessary antidote- what will counter the dangerous effect of the drug(s)- might not be used.

You may wish to ask, what if I am taken back to the same hospital?

You can be taken back to the same hospital if it is nearby but identifying the drug might take time, even though it is there you got it. And before they can retrieve your folder to find out the actual drug(s) you are placed on, a lot of damage might have been done.

Know the drugs you are taking but never indulge in self-medication.

2. Ask how the drugs should be taken 

The general notion is that every drug that looks like capsule or tablet should be swallowed; while every liquid drugs should still be taken per oral.

Is this true?

Not at all; and when drugs are taken through a wrong route, they either fail to work or harm the person who took it. Common example is when you are given an injection reconstituted with lidocaine through the vein instead of muscle.

What happens when this mistake is done?

The patient dies almost immediately. When this happens, in Nigeria and other African countries, the patient would just be prepared for burial while the doctor goes Scot-free. He would tell the patient relative: "we lost him" and that will be all.

Another example is taking of suppository through the mouth. So many people have done this. Suppositories look exactly like capsules. Unless you are told or you have been using it before, you would likely take it through the mouth. Suppositories are meant to be inserted into the anus or vagina but not to be taken through the month.

What about tablets; are all of them not meant to be swallowed?

No! All of them are not to be swallowed. Some are to be kept beneath the tongue to be absorbed from there. An example is nitroglycerin sublingual tablet. So, don't assume you know it all, ask your pharmacist how your drugs should be taken. Some drugs called sustain release are not meant to be broken or crushed. If broken or crushed, you would be taking over dose as there would be dose dumping.

3. Ask what you should expect after taking the drugs

In any country with a good health system, one can only get his or her drug from the pharmacist. So, my assumption is that you get your drugs from a pharmacist. Now, any good pharmacist is supposed to tell you the expected effect of your drug on you.  In situation where the information is not provided, ask for it.

Why is it necessary?

Certain drugs, an example is rifampicin, discolour urine. In the absence of this information, one can quit taking the  drug entirely when such side effect occurs or even take the pain of going back to the pharmacist or the clinician to complain that he's now urinating blood ever he started his drug(s). Yes, this is because rifampicin turns urine red.

Some other drugs  would make you drowsy after taking them. Some cough syrups are good at this. Tramadol, diazepam and its family, some anti-allergic drugs, some antipsychotics, etc do this as well. Knowing if the drug(s) you're to to has this effect is highly needed as machinery shouldn't be operated in such case (no driving or working with machines at all)

4. Ask how the drugs should be stored 

Storage plays a very important role on the efficacy  of a drug. When wrongly stored,  some drugs become highly toxic while others become ineffective. Some drugs are stored at room temperature while some like vaccines are best stored in the refrigerator.

Drugs like nifedipine, loses its effect when exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Ask what to avoid while on the drugs

When some drugs are taken with food, their effects die off or reduce drastically. A typical example is taking tetracycline  with a glass of milk. If this is done, the milk will literally hold the tetracycline and prevent it from being absorbed into the blood stream for it's function. Examples of drugs that foods decrease their effects are many. That's the reason you shouldn't just accept your medication from a pharmacist without asking of the foods and drugs you are to avoid.

Related: Food and drug to avoid while on malaria drug

6. Ask of the time you are to take the drug(s)

Timing of drug intake affects it. Also, it affects the person taking it. Some drugs are best taken in the morning. An example is diuretics. If diuretics are taken at night, the person should just forget sleeping that whole night. This is for the reason that you'll be urinating every now and then. Moreover, some other drugs are best taken at night. Examples are hypnotics and sedatives. Unless one is bed ridden, taking these drugs at any other time outside night would make the person useless for the whole day. This is because these drugs make one sleep or drowsy. Nevertheless, some drugs perform better when taken about 30 minutes before food - an example is omeprazole- while some safer when taken immediately after food- examples here are pain killers (NSAIDS).

7. For women, if you are pregnant or desiring it, tell the doctor or the pharmacist 

So many drugs affect developing babies in the womb while some kick them out of the womb. In other to avoid any of these two things from happening, always tell your doctor or pharmacist if you're pregnant or desiring it.

8. Tell them about other drugs or supplements you are taking 

When this is done, it would enable them know the best drug(s) to place you on. In some situations, you may be asked to discontinue your current drugs or supplements until the new one you will be placed on finishes.

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Steps to do breast self-examination

Cancer, whether of the breast or of any other part, is curable if detected early. Early detection is the key in cancer treatment as it can only be managed, often with a very low prognosis, once it has metastasized. So, the essence of breast self-examination is to allow for early detection of cancerous lump or changes in the breast that could be as a result of cancer so that it can be treated before it metastasize. Cancer can only be managed once it has metastasize as treatment cannot be achieved at this point.

What to check out for during breast self-examination

 Check whole breasts area including under the armpits and upper chest regions for changes.

Check appearance of breasts and nipples.

Nipples changes to look out include discharge, flaking (or redness), nipples pain, or inward turning (retraction).

Steps to perform breast self-examination

1.Visual examination

Stand in front of a mirror and observe your breast while standing straight. Then observe it again while keeping your palms on your hips. It should be pressed firmly. Do the same again as you raise your arms. In these three positions, you are to look out for changes in size, shape and colour of your breasts.

2. Physical examination

With the pads of your fingers, check for lumps, thickening, or hardened knot by moving your fingers around your entire breasts and armpits in a circular pattern from the outside to the center.While doing the physical examination, three levels of varying pressure, light, medium, and firm, should be used. Light pressure is mainly for tissue close to skin, medium is for deep tissue or area while firm pressure is for area close to chest and ribs.

Repeat the physical examination steps above as you lie down. To examine your right breast, place a pillow under your right shoulder and your right arm behind your head, then use your left hand to examine. Repeat the steps for left breast examination. Note that you are to squeeze the nipples to check for discharge.


Start breast self-examination at your 20s

Do not examine preceding or during your menstrual cycle (breast feel tender at this point). Do it a week following your period instead.

Note the feel of your breast to guide you.

Do it monthly (remember to give one week gap following your period).

Report changes or lumps to your doctor

Use the flats of your finger to feel and push gently around the entire breast.

Do not fail to check around the armpit regions, breast tissues are also there.

Examination should be carefully done noting any changes.

Not all lumps and changes in breasts are cancerous but go for screening once you notice them in your breast to confirm.

Diabetes complications and how to avoid them

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. The prevalence keeps increasing daily, probably because its danger are not known by many. Perhaps, that is the reason diabetes predisposing lifestyle are being indulged by many.

This article is designed to sensitize and educate the public on the dangers of diabetes when poorly managed or left untreated entirely. This is believed to help them change their lifestyles. Healthy lifestyle would lead to reduction in the prevalence and complications of diabetes. These dangers of diabetes otherwise known as complications of poorly managed  diabetes include the following:

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)

Diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels are called cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to causes of death, CVDs are number one. Examples of CVDs include stroke, heart attack, heart failure etc. The chances of developing CVDs are 3 to 4 times higher in diabetics than in normal person. Cardiovascular diseases are mainly the reason one would go to bed looking healthy and fails to wake up the following morning. Where this kind of death occurs, most do attribute it to spiritual manipulations. To leave healthy, get tested of diabetes at least once every month. If diabetics is diagnosed, start to manage it immediately. This would make you free from developing CVDs secondary to diabetes.

See Best lifestyle approaches to diabetes management


Diabetes leads to diabetic eye disease (retinopathy and early cataract formation). Most people who are diabetic are ignorant of it. Also, most diabetics including those who are aware of their condition are ignorant that they are having diabetic eye disease; that is for those who even know that diabetes leads to eye disease. Of course retinopathy has no visual symptoms. It is therefore necessary that every diabetic person have eye check immediately they are diagnosed of diabetes and then at least once every two years. Doing this would be highly beneficial to the diabetics as it would decrease their chances of going blind as a result of diabetes.

Chronic kidney disease

Diabetes when left untreated leads to chronic kidney disease which rapidly progresses to kidney failure. When the kidneys fail, the next thing is death . This information could be harsh but it is the truth. Having a persistent high level of sugar in the blood affects blood vessels including those of the kidneys. If the blood vessels of the kidneys are damaged, the kidneys are damaged as well. This is because one of the functional units of the kidneys called glomerulus is formed by blood vessels. Kidney transplant or dialysis shouldn't be seen as an option. I guess you know the reason. Control your blood sugar level to protect your kidney which protects your life.

Poor wound healing

Do you know the reason the diabetes are advised not to walk bare-footed? It is because their wounds are difficult to heal. A wound even as little as those caused by  a pin puncture can lead to their foot been cut off. Excessive sugar in their blood allows for fast multiplication of bacteria and this poses a problem to the wound healing process.

Diabetics foot disease (gangrene development)

This is the major reason the diabetics gets amputated. Gangrene is hard to treat and cutting off of the affected part is commonly the preferred treatment as debridement and antibiotics use usually fails.

Sexual dysfunction or impotence in men

Excessive sugar in the blood damages blood vessels. When blood vessels are damaged, the power of men falls and diabetes when left untreated leads to this.


Diabetes alone is a very dangerous disease but when hypertension joins it, the danger becomes red. It is hypertension that fast tracks other complications of diabetes such as diabetic disease of the eye, diabetic foot disease, chronic kidney disease plus stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Current data suggests that screening for hypertension in diabetics needs to be aggressive. In situation hypertension is present, treatment should begin immediately to avert or delay diabetes complications.


Bacteria thrive well in a high sugar environment while our body defense mechanism is badly affected by it. These two factors allow for easy contraction of infection by the diabetics which are hard to treat. Most times, the diabetics don't survive the commonest infection known to man. That is the simple reason bacteria infection hardly allows their wound to heal. Tight control of their blood sugar can only allow for bacteria elimination and wound healing to take place.

A happy diabetic patient is the one who does not allow his blood sugar level to be persistently and excessively high through a healthy lifestyle and drug therapy when indicated. He hears of diabetes complications only from his healthcare providers. At times, he begins to wonder if they actually exist. His secret is tight control of his blood sugar level. He listens and heeds to his healthcare providers. That person can be anybody. It is possible to be diabetic with no complications. Adherence to healthy lifestyles for the diabetic and drug therapy when indicated is the key.

Dangers associated with the use of medicated soaps

Drug is anything used in treating, curing, preventing or managing diseases. This definition is however, not exhaustive. Drug can come in different forms called dosage forms. Common examples include tablets, injection, capsules, and creams. Soaps are, at times, used as vehicle to deliver some drugs for the treatment of skin diseases. When this is done, the soap is tagged medicated. The initiator of this probably wanted it used when one has generalized skin infection to augment either systemic drug or cream.

Note this: drugs are not just used because they can cure, prevent, or ameliorate disease conditions. Their safety are considered before being put in use. If they are effective but not safe, they are not used. In cases severe and life threatening adverse effects are noticed when they are already in use, they are banned and recalled consequently by regulatory agents like FDA of US or NAFDAC of Nigeria. For ladies especially, medicated soap should be banned from being used. This is for the reasons below:

1. It clears off protective microorganisms that leave on our skin.

There are microorganisms that leave on human skin. They act like soldiers protecting the skin against harmful microorganisms. This microorganisms are called normal flora. The intention of most people who use medicated soap is to prevent against skin infection. On contrary, it leads to it on a long run. This is due to the fact that protective microorganisms that leave on our skin ate being cleared off by medicated soap leaving our skin at its own mercy. At this point, because we are always in contact with harmful microorganisms, we become prone to their colonization and infection.

2. It makes us become resistance to common antibiotics

Most times, this so called medicated soaps do not contain enough quantity of antimicrobial agents to kill infective microorganisms that cause skin infections. Not having enough antimicrobial agents in these soaps is not the major issue but its effect. Because the antimicrobial agents the manufacturers put in the soaps are, at times, not enough, they don't kill infective microorganisms they are made to kill; rather they temporarily weaken them. After some time, the weakened microorganisms through adaptive mechanism develop resistance to these antimicrobial agents and become hard to treat (especially when there is cross resistance).

3. It leads to economic waste

When protective microorganisms on or in our skin become infective, due to their balance disruption, in addition to what is called opportunist infections, we would be left to treat the skin infection with a stronger antimicrobial which is always costly. Even when this doesn't happen, it is still economic waste to use something which wouldn't give you the expected result. I believe you know the reason.

4. It changes the PH state of women

By women, we mean what makes them whom they are. The change in PH state is because soaps, whether medicated or not, are alkaline in nature. So, on meeting acidic environment, there would be a neutralization reaction. The acidic state of women's body protects it from harmful microorganisms while allowing candida albicans to leave there. Candida is not harmful to it. When the acidic state is disrupted, it gives room for colonization by harmful microorganisms and infection. At this point, even candida which leaves there peacefully and naturally becomes a problem to its own niche. This results in yeast infection otherwise known as candidiasis.

Soap, both medicated and unmedicated, is not good for washing women's bodies. Only water is what is needed to it keep it clean. To keep your body clean, bathing with ordinary soap and water is all that's needed; both for men and women. Medicated soap should be left unless on recommendation by your healthcare provider or a dermatologist.

9 ways to prevent infection recurrence

Infectious diseases disturbs both men and women, boys and girls and even children. It's actually a thorn in the bodies of humans. Knowing ways to prevent infection recurrence is, therefore of paramount importance.

Infection can be contracted through several ways. Some from what we eat, touch, wear, etc. We get some through insects bites. To an average person, when we say infection, they think we are solely referring to those that are sexually transmitted. Well, they are just part of it as any sickness that is caused by microorganism is infection however the mode of its transmission.

This write up will focus on ways to prevent any form of infection from being recurrent. Emphasis will be laid when necessary on a particular type we deem fit.

Infection is said to be recurrent if it reccurs 3 or more times within 12 months. Of course this is not a good thing and solution to it should be sought after. The solution is here, just keep reading as we take the first step.

1. In the presence of any infection, the first action should be to identify the real causative organism.

Once this is done, taking it off will be a lot easier. To do this, you are to visit a trained healthcare provider. He will examine you and do clinical diagnosis and if need be, refer you to a lab test.

Personally, I encourage lab test for every infection no matter how simple it might look rather than relying on clinical diagnosis. If your ultimate goal is to treat and prevent recurrent infection, then demand for a lab test. This would identify the organism responsible for the infection and also, the best drug to get rid of it. I know that some people could be financially constrained but it's far much better and more economic friendly (on a long run) when you go for a lab test than to treat empirically; more especially if your goal is to prevent recurrent infection.

2. Don't choose drug for yourself, allow your healthcare provider do so using the lab test results of Microbial Culture and Sensitivity test (MCS).

In developing countries, drugs are sold like every other commodities; so individuals can buy any drug they like anywhere. Nigeria is a good example when it comes to this. So, if you have essay access to any kind of drugs in your country, don't just choose drug for yourself, allow people trained for it to do so.

3. Also, for people in Nigeria and other developing countries where fake drugs abound, ensure you get your drugs from registered pharmacies.

You're less likely to get fake drugs from registered pharmacies as their reputation and license will be at stake should such happen. But doing so from those who see drugs as commodities, they wouldn't know the health and economic implication of dealing on fake drugs, so there are high chances of getting fake drugs from them.

4. Ensure you finish your drugs as prescribed

Using the MCS result, your doctor will place you on the best drug for the infection. That's the first step towards eradicating the infection but it didn't end there. When your healthcare providers have done their part, you are expected to play your own. And this demands that you finish your drugs as prescribed. Even if you feel better after taking the first dose, you shouldn't stop. You are still to finish the remaining doses.

Do you why?

When you start taking your drugs, most times, the organism responsible for the infection will be weakened by the drugs before they are killed. Even if they are killed immediately,when the first dose enters your system, it will just kill small percentage of them. It might interest you to know that some antibiotics don't kill microorganisms causing infections, they just stop them from growing further and they subsequently die off after the growth inhibition for a long period of time. So, ensure you complete your drugs as prescribed by your doctor. It's only in cases of adverse reaction that you are expected to stop taking the drug, and report immediately to your healthcare provider.

5. If the infection is sexually transmitted, treat your partner alongside.

If you treat yourself and leave your partner untreated in case of sexually transmitted infection, then know it that you are likely going to have a  reinfection. The chances is like 100%. There's no point to explain why this will happen. So, ensure you treat your partner alongside when you treat yourself of sexually transmitted infection. The reason is not just to help him or her not to come down with the infection and possibly its complications but also to prevent you from being reinfected. This will save you a whole lot of money also.

6. Help your immune system

Naturally, the immune system fights infection. It's when it is won that you come down infectious diseases. Now, after treatment, you need to help your immune system so that they can defeat any other infection causative organism. This can be done by eating of balanced diet, half ripped fruits and fresh vegetables while avoiding junks.

The reasons junks should be avoided can be read here.

7.  In a situation the infection is airborne, consider treating everyone in your house.

The process is called post exposure  prophylaxis. 

This might not be a decision you will make, just inform your healthcare provider about it and allow him monitor your household or people you came in contact with and take the right decision.

In cases the infection is highly contagious and possibly deadly, isolate the infected and quarantine those that you feel are likely infected. As an individual, you might not be able to do this. You are not even expected to to it.  So, call your country or state authority responsible for disease control and inform them.  Examples of infection where this should be done is in cases of EbolaLassa fever, tuberculosis etc.

In a similar note, always cover your mouth while coughing, sneezing and don't stay close to who's coughing or sneezing without covering his or her mouth.

8. Maintain a healthy and a hygienic lifestyle

Some people say and believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well, it could be true even though I don't subscribe to that. But then, it pays to be clean. In situation where the infection you treated, such as skin infection is as a result of what you wear, getting your cloths plus your stockings always washed and ironed will go along way to prevent the infection from reccurring.

Washing what you eat too, especially if they are to be eating raw, will still go along way to help. In the same way, wash your hands before eating and after eating. Our hands should also be washed after using the toilet with soap and clean water. This should also be done when we come back from work or outing.

Adopt also ways to use toilet properly especially public ones without getting infection from it.

9. Inform others about this

Knowledge, they say, is power. Some people have modified it as they believe that it's only applied knowledge that is power. I believe the latter too. So, let others get this message. If they do, we will be getting closer to preventing not only recurrent infection but infection itself.

One of the ways of informing others is by sharing this article if you found it useful. And do you know what, we love it when you share our articles.

Classes of food that kill silently you must avoid

Food is any substance we eat to provided us with nutritional support for life maintenance and growth. So, food is designed to be consumed for no other reason but that we might be of good health and full of energy. This is the reason it is advised that we eat not only food but a balanced one.

Balanced food or diet is the one that contains carbohydrates, fats and oil, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water in the right proportion.This day, most people do not eat for the reason as said above (for life maintenance and growth). They just eat to satisfy their taste buds that its desires are even unquenchable. For this reason, they eat food having a particular class in excess (mainly carbohydrates in form of sugar) against other classes.  We should note here that there is nothing that deteriorates people's health like leaving on imbalanced diets.

Imbalanced diet, unfortunately, is trendy now. The poor, surprisingly, have better dishes than the rich nowdays.  This can be explained by the fact that the poor leaves even longer than the rich or have, at least, better quality of lives than the latter. Poor man's foods are most at times fresh. Meanwhile, rich people and young people of this present century eat to quench the desires of their taste buds. This makes them to end up eating foods that are too loaded with:

High calories

Sodium chloride (cooking salt) and mono sodium glutamate

Fat and oil.

In fact,  food of people of this generation are more of processed than fresh/natural and they are always loaded with artificial preservatives. Those that eat just to satisfy their taste buds whether the poor or the rich end up being malnourished. I do not mean here that they look lean. No.  Most of them are even over weight and obese. Yes,  the malnourishement in this context manifests as:

Hyercholestronemia (too much cholesterol level in the blood)

Hypernatremia (too much salt level in the blood)

Obesity (as a result of too much fat deposit in the body) and

Too high a level of low density  lipoprotein

Excess of all these enlisted above, no doubt, is the reason we have too many people dying young.  People age faster now. A child of 5 to 10 years old today, many at times, looks even older than a 30-year-old man and that is the same for adults.

Too much cholesterol level leads to increased chances of one coming down with heart diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart failure, among others.

Too much salt level in the body leads to increased blood pressure which kills but silently.

Too much low density lipoprotein level is still very fatal as it geometrically increases the chances of one suffering different types of cardiovascular diseases.

The sequels of our choice of food today are early death, early ageing, and poor quality of life as most people who engage in junking suffer one form of chronic illness or the other, but maybe later in their life. Try not to forget this. Even if it's the only thing you learnt by reading this article, then it has served its purpose. Ironically, people who eat to satisfy their taste buds feel that junks they eat are more healthy and classy than the wholesome food as obtained from village kitchen.

Let's ponder on these questions below:

Have you ever bother to find out the reason cancer is becoming common even among Africans?

Have you ever wondered the reason diseases like arthritis is on high increase today?

Have you also ever wondered why more people pass away from sleep in this present day? Perhaps, you are among those that do attribute such occurrence to village people being responsible.

Heart diseases are more common now, have you asked yourself why?

Too many obese people floods the street, I believe you the reason.

Frankly speaking, the answer to those rhetorical questions raised above is that what we eat today are not safe and healthy. Yes, our lifestyle (sedentary) might be among the reasons but the reason major on the food, better addressed as junk, we eat.

In case you have not picked anything yet from this write-up, just note that wholesome food and balanced diet give life while it's counter parts (junks) kill.

9 Facts about hypertension you need to know

1. Hypertension is a chronic disease condition and it’s real.

It affects majorly the adults and the chances of becoming hypertensive increase as we grow older.

2. It is more common in:
  • people who are obese or overweight
  • people who drink alcohol excessively
  • those who smoke
  • those who consume a lot of salt (more than 2g a day),
  • the diabetics
  • women who use oral contraceptives
  • those who leave sedentary lifestyle.
3. One might not be aware that he is hypertensive unless he is checked.

4. Some lifestyle we indulge in makes us become hypertensive earlier than it would have come.

5. It kills and it does that silently

6. Most times, if you don’t have the habit of checking your health status from time to time, the time you would realize that you have hypertension; it might have caused a lot of damage to your body. First step to manage hypertension effectively lies on regular checking of your blood pressure to know its value each time. For those who are hypertensive, weekly check is good. Although, it can be as regular as daily if the value is excessively high. 

7. People whose values are less than 120/80 mmHg are not hypertensive. 

People whose values are between 120-139/80-89 mmHg are about to become hypertensive. Those whose value are 140/90 mmHg and above are hypertensive. 

8. Hypertension leads to other disease conditions. 
These are its complications and majorly occur when it is neglected. By being neglected, we mean when it is not being treated. These disease conditions include stroke, kidney failure, heart diseases and impaired vision or blindness.

9. Hypertension can be well managed. 

This is done either by lifestyle modification or through drug therapy or their combination. Lifestyle modification needed by the hypertensive include smoke cessation, drinking alcohol responsively, losing weight if overweight, avoidance of junk foods and too much salt intake, and by engaging in aerobic exercise regularly.

Don’t allow hypertension to kill you or any of your relatives, kill it instead. Just follow the recommendations here and that of your healthcare providers. 

Leave healthy to stay healthy.

How vitamin C abuse can harm you

Vitamin c, otherwise known as ascobic acid is essential for life. From its name,  vita+min, you wouldn't need nobody to tell you that it is vital for life and well-being. If you ask a pharmacist what Vitamin c is,  he would start this way: "it is a water soluble vitamin" before other jargon can come in. If vitamin c is water soluble, what that means is that it can't be stored in the body, hence it is needed daily from food or supplements. Another reason is that humans don't produce vitamin c.
Who needs vitamin c?

As said earlier, vitamin c is essential for life and well-being, hence, everyone needs it. What differs is the quantity that each person needs. Men need 90mg while women need 75mg daily. Because smoke increases oxidative stress in our body, smokers' daily requirement is high -125mg daily. Ordinarily, the food we eat, especially fruits, should give us this requirement. But because 90% of what is consumed now is junk, supplementation is very necessary.

What is the use of vitamin c

Vitamin c is needed for a healthy life. It is used to prevent scurvy, a disease condition that result from its deficiency. Scurvy's early symptoms include weakness, tiredness, sore arms and legs and curly hair. It is still needed in collagen formation and this enhances wound healing. Also, it helps man in developing resistance to infections. In other words, it boosts immunity. It is antioxidant and as a result, helps in mopping up oxygen radicals which lead to cell damage and homeostatic disruption. Its antioxidant property helps smokers more especially because smoke put them in high oxidative stress.

What if I don't have enough vitamin c in the body?

Deficiency of vitamin c is rare but when it is present, it leads to scurvy, poor wound healing and tendency to bruise easily, and muscle cramps.

How can vitamin c abuse kill?

Hypervitaminosis is a state of too much vitamins in the body. Vitamin c being water soluble hardly reach to that level. Albeit, daily dose of 2g and above (and at times 1g per day) for a long duration poses a health problem. These include
  • Low uric acid level
  • Haemolytic anaemia
  • Oxalate kidney stone
  • Rebound scurvy (at abrupt withdrawal)
Low uric acid level in the blood puts us at great danger of death. Oxalate kidney stone leads to kidney failure and death so if left untreated. From this, it is obvious that vitamin c abuse can lead to death or debilitating sickness.

What can I do if my doctor places me on high dose vitamin c for a long duration?

When you need high dose vitamin c as would be determined by your doctor, it does not take away the chances of developing calcium oxalate stone which could lead to kidney stone and kidney failure consequently if left untreated.
Other problems associated with vitamin c abuse or its high dose intake would still come.
Does it now mean that nothing can be done to prevent any of these problems associated with high dose vitamin c intake or its abuse from coming? The answer is yes. All hope is not lost. One measure to prevent these associated problems from coming is to stick to your doctor's prescriptions. Another way to prevent these problems, especially kidney stone formation, from coming is by taking high strength vitamin c with a lot of water. Liberal water intake is still encouraged throughout the period of high strength Vitamin c intake.
Avoid drug abuse. Avoid self medication. They kill or cause disabling damage.

13 things you must avoid if you have stomach ulcer

Ulcer is a term used, most often, to describe peptic ulcer disease. In this context, when it's said that someone has ulcer, it means that the person has wound either in the stomach or upper part of small intestine.

The truth is that it is very difficult to see stomach ulcer heal. The major cause of this is that those who have ulcer always consume or do things that either delay ulcer healing or worsens it even the more.

These 13 things are what we would enlist so that you avoid them if you have ulcer.

1. Avoid carbonated drinks and citric acid containing drinks.

To avoid litigation, we won't mention names of those drinks, but this covers what you call soft drinks and fruit juices. So, use your discretion and put examples of them. Those drinks doesn't only worsen ulcer pain but prevent it from healing.

Just think about this; the most common ulcer drug called omeprazole prevents acid secretion in the stomach to allow for ulcer healing. Now, do you think the ulcer will heal if you keep supplying it with acid in form of fruit juice or carbonated drinks? Most of these drinks contain citric acid and therefore worsens ulcer and even prevents omeprazole from doing its work.

2. Avoid eating too much beans

Beans disturbs some people with ulcer, although not all. The best way to do this is by listening to yourself. If you don't have disturbances when you eat beans, no problem. But if you do, cut down on the frequency you eat it. Please note that we didn't say you should stop eating beans. Beans is not bad at all, although it can worsen ulcer pain and the ulcer in question in those with dyspepsia.

3. Don't lick vitamin c unnecessarily

For more on effects of vitamin c abuse on health, read this: "the harmful effects of vitamin c abuse".

Licking, chewing, or taking vitamin c on an empty stomach worsens ulcer pain and probably delays its healing. Avoid this therefore. Take vitamin c only when it's prescribed for you and this should be with food or after eating.

4. Avoid pain killers especially its abuse

Ulcer presents with pain but ironically, drugs used in managing pain give ulcer. To those who have ulcer already, pain killers don't allow it to heal. Does it now mean that those who have pain should be allowed to remain with their pain because they have ulcer? The answer is no. If you have pain and hence would be needing pain killer, talk to your doctor or pharmacist, he would know the best pain killer to place you on. Yeah, there are some pain killers that can be used by those who have ulcer. An example is Celecoxib.

5. Avoid irregular eating pattern

It is very necessary that you set your eating time. Eat three times a day at a specified time. We recommend you have your: breakfast between 7am to 9am, lunch between 1pm to 2pm and dinner between 7pm to 8pm.

For those who are on weight loss program, read this "weight loss plan for ulcer patients".

It would help you lose weight while allowing your ulcer to heal.

6. Avoid alcohol consumption

In those who have ulcer, alcohol prevents it from healing. It worsens it even. It's therefore imperative that you stop alcohol intake to allow your ulcer to heal.

7. Avoid not being on your ulcer medications

It is true that most ulcer drugs don't heal the ulcer, but they create a conducive environment for healing to occur. As you observe these recommendations here, remember not to stop taking your ulcer drugs as prescribed by your doctor.

8. Avoid too much spicy

Spicy worsens ulcer pain as it directly irritates it. Much spicy wouldn't help you in any way, so just put the amount that would be okay for the food which wouldn't give you any disturbance. Yoruba tribe of Nigeria can attest to this.

9. Never take any drug on an empty stomach unless specified by your doctor or pharmacist

Most drugs cause pain to the stomach when taken. If on an empty stomach, the pain is severe. But when on an empty stomach with ulcer, the pain burns. Eating before taking your drugs helps in preventing or reducing the stomach discomfort they give.

10. Avoid coffee

Coffee has a way of increasing acid level of the stomach. Yeah! It stimulates its secretion and acid is implicated in ulcer development. For this reason, avoid coffee if you have ulcer already.

11. Avoid Stress

Stress leads to ulcer. That's all we know. So, try as much as you can to avoid it.

12. Avoid fries and snacks

13. Avoid unripe acidic fruits

These include unripe mangoes, oranges, pineapples, grapes etc. Allow them and probably every fruits to ripe before taking them, especially if you have ulcer.

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List of drugs you should never take with alcohol

Drugs you are to avoid after you drink alcohol are many, but there are specific ones that show immediate adverse effects when taken with alcohol. For such drugs, when one drinks alcohol and take them or take them and later drink alcohol, they present with serious adverse effects which could be fatal or harmful. Some of the adverse effects can be so bad that they can lead to death if nothing is done immediately. Still, there are other drugs that one can take along with alcohol without having immediate adverse effects. An example is paracetamol.
But does it mean there is no harm such combination pose on us?
Definitely, combination of drugs and alcohol often has harmful effects on our liver especially. Liver is the organ that ensures that we are protected from bad things we eat everyday. It clears them off our body. But taking alcohol and drugs together affects the liver so bad to the extent that it becomes unable to carry out its functions  effectively. In a clearer term, alcohol-drug combination damages the liver. At this point, we begin to die. And unfortunately, when the liver is damaged, other of our body organs will be exposed to high toxins and they bow to them easily. When this happens, they begin to malfunction.

Before we enlist the drugs we should never combine with alcohol, we would like to sound a note of warning: "no drug should ever be taken together with alcohol for any reason".

Now, the common drugs we should never attempt taking together with alcohol include:

1. Metronidazole commonly known as Flagyl 

When Flagyl is taken by someone who drank alcohol or when an alcoholic drink is taken later on after taking Flagyl, it gives the person a serious and seemingly fatal reaction. The reaction presents as severe headache, dizziness, breathlessness, violent dry heaving, increased or irregular heartbeat, and warmth and redness in the face. Other effects include intense stomach pain, cramps, sudden drop in blood pressure and liver damage.
Some people, however don't have any visible reaction after taking alcohol and Flagyl together. Of course, people differs. But definitely, people who don't react to them are rare. The best option is to avoid alcohol-Flagyl combination unless you want to experiment with your life. Depending on your body system, experimentation of this kind can cost you your life. So, take note.

2. Paracetamol also called acetaminophen

Combination of paracetamol and alcohol is very common especially among men. I believe you know the reason? After drinking alcohol, headache often comes and most people resort to taking paracetamol to relieve it. But does paracetamol even relieve alcohol-induced headache? I don't really know. Whether it does or not, it should not be taken together. If you often come down with headache every time you drink alcohol, then you should stop drinking. Your body is probably not at peace with it. It's not even good to the health. If you cannot quit alcohol, for the sake of your liver, never take paracetamol after drinking.
Taking paracetamol and alcohol would not give you any sign that they are bad together. But then, the internal damage of the two combination is more dangerous and deadly than that of Flagyl and alcohol. Taking paracetamol after alcohol consumption induces the liver to produce toxic metabolites of paracetamol. This toxic metabolites keep building up because the liver, which should ordinarily clear them off, is being damaged by the metabolites. The end point can only be a painful death.

3. Sleeping pills 

When the pharmacist says, while trying to dispense your drug: "take only at bed time or at night", suspect sleeping pill. And whenever such a warning is given, never drink alcohol that day.
Have you ever wondered how sleeping pills work? They slow down central nervous system. This system is what controls the muscles we don't have control over. For instance, we can't control breathing, blinking of the eyes, brain functions etc,  although we can hold some of them for some period of time. Sleeping pills depress central nervous system and when this happens, we become dull, and from there sleep takes over. Sleep pills don't only make us sleep, they also depress our respiratory system. When taken with alcohol, the respiratory system can shutdown entirely. From this, the person will definitely pass away from sleep unless emergency medical attention is offered to the person. Taking sleeping pills and alcohol can be likened to bringing upon oneself death sentence. Avoid them therefore.

4. Opioid pain killers (opioid analgesics)

Combination of this with alcohol has similar effect as of sleeping pills-alcohol combination. If you are placed on this medication, it will be unusual not to be told by your pharmacist to avoid alcohol, albeit, the reason you are to avoid it may not be disclosed to you. Some people feel, most times, that it's routine advice for them to be told not to take their drugs with alcohol, so they tend to neglect it. If you are among these category of people, then I can only say that I'm sorry for your life. Alcohol-opioid combination kills! Take note.

5. Some cough, cold and catarrh drugs

Combining these drugs with alcohol can make your day very useless as you would be extremely drowsy. Attempting to drive after such a combination can only end in a singular story -- died or badly injured in a road traffic accident. If not for this, I would have said that this combination is relatively not fatal but then...

6. Skeletal muscle relaxants 

This group of drugs with alcohol can lead to death through respiratory system shut-down. Their combination can take away breathe from us and no reasonable person would like to entertain anything like that.

7. CNS stimulants

This group of drugs are not fatal when combined with alcohol but their effects are rubbished by it. If they are therefore needed by someone, taking alcohol while on them wouldn't make any sense.

8. CNS depressants

Taking alcohol while on this drug is a death sentence. Enlisting of the drugs in this class is not necessary since they  are prescription drugs and people who take them are not always in good shape to drink alcohol.

Other drugs one should avoid alcohol while on them include:

  • Sulfonyureas - used in diabetes management
  • Certain cephalosporins like cetamandole, cefoperazone, moxalactam, and cefotetan
  • Septrin (sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim)
  • Isoniazid used in tuberculosis treatment
  • Anticoagulants
  • Some antihypertensives
  • NSAIDs
Now that you know some drugs you are not to take with alcohol, how do you even remember them? Actually, trying to remember them is not all that important. The best thing is to always separate alcohol and your drugs. If you are on drugs, close the bottles of your alcoholic drinks until you are done with your drugs. If you can even stop drinking alcohol entirely, it will be better as the risk of alcohol consumption out weighs the benefits.